About Us

Outsource Professional Services is a boutique Business Process Outsource provider with proven, best-practice outsource solutions. By leveraging our services, our customers can streamline operations, focus on core business and significantly reduce costs.

Our Managed Service and Remote Staffing outsource solutions deliver full-time, dedicated & talented remote staff and quality outsource management services to organisations in the Technology, Mortgage/Finance, Accounting and Back Office spaces.

OPS was originally established to support our technology company in Australia. Through the success of our own outsource staff we decided to extend this fantastic service to other businesses.

OPS is an extension of Loanworks Technologies, an award winning finance technology company that delivers technology solutions to many leading brands in the mortgage & finance industry.

Our Value Proposition

We build remote outsource teams that leverage your systems, processes & procedures to deliver flexible outsource solutions at significant cost savings. We provide the people, technology, support and infrastructure that lets you realise your outsource strategy quickly.

IT Services Sector

Your remote team of quality IT professionals can support the entire software development lifecycle. We can support a range of development languages, technology platforms and methodologies. We can help you reduce your overall IT spend; increase your project pipeline capacity; expand your quality assurance capabilities; and help you access more resources.


Mortgage/Finance Sector

We support outsourced loan processing through a team of experienced professional loan processors. We can build you a dedicated team or process inidivudal loan applications for you. All staff are trained in mortgage finance and assessed on Australian Privacy laws. We can also support a range of additional activities, such as commission administration, compliance, accreditation & sales support tasks.

Accounting Sector

Experienced offshore accounting professionals can support many activities within the finance organisation by undertaking transactional processes. We can help you with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Statement Reconciliation, Payroll, or Invoice Data Entry.

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Back Office Sector

Experienced, quality administration staff can support many back office activities within your organisation. We can help you with Data Entry, Document Transcription & Processing, Data Verification, Information Research, or Sales Support. We can help you save on labour costs; reduce your office foot-print; and, change to a variable cost base.

Awesome Features

State of the Art Facilities

We are located close to major transport hubs which makes us an attractive choice for employment to our Philippine-based staff. Our office layout is modern and designed to give all staff an open and safe working environment. Physical access security is managed through a manned-reception desk, biometric locks and CCTV cameras.

The Best Equipment

Each staff member has an individual workstation and provided with the best technology & equipment to meet their needs. We provide a secure segregated network for each client and we support multiple connectivity methods. There are shared conference and meeting rooms for your staff, equipped with video and network connections.

Tier 1 Telecom

We only partner with Tier 1 telecom carriers in the Philippines and Australia who provide guaranteed quality of service. Our broadband connections in Manila are monitored by our on-site IT Helpdesk, with a particular focus on load balancing, latency and up-time.

Supporting Your Team

We have created a comfortable and friendly working environment to ensure your remote staff are able to perform their work effectively and efficiently. Our HR staff support your staff by organising team outings, sport sessions and an amazing end-of-year Christmas Party. Our Australian-based team will assist you in planning your transition, supporting your transfer offshore and, assist with ongoing governance.

Philippines - a best-shore destination


Same time-zone as Western Australia and many of our staff work to the same business hours as the east coast of Australia

English Speaking

English is the national business language; 93% literacy rate; 3rd largest English-speaking country after USA & UK


Philippine culture is very compatible with Western society due largely to over 300 years of Spanish & American influences


Salaries are a fraction of the cost in Australia and savings are often 60% or more

Other companies in the Philippines

Macquarie Bank
ANZ Bank
QBE Insurance

Happy clients

"Our OPS staff are very talented and work just as well as if they were sitting in our office. The OPS support team are always there to help communicate expectations."

"Our remote team does a very good job and the HR support staff keep me informed about any issues. The people are of a high quality at reasonable rates."

"OPS and our remote staff are friendly and professional people. Dedicated and hard working."