Closing Ceremony

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All students, teachers, and everyone else who was involved gathered in Queen Anne’s auditorium for the  Closing Ceremony of Queen Anne High School’s Cluster Olympics. Final awards were handed out to the medalists of Hockey, Gymnastics and Archery events to conclude the sporting agenda. A reappearance of the first year gymnastic team...
hammerheaded shark


Well that’s the balloons away folks. Mrs Patterson and Mr Billington, along with helpers from China, realeased the balloons and they errupted from their net and shot across the sky. Spectators yelled with joy and found beauty in the balloons, as they swam around the air.
The Queen Anne Cluster Olympics Marathon

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(Winner: Pupil from Australia) On the 8th of June, the second day of the Cluster Olympics, there was a mini-marathon at 2:15. The journey was around the high school and grounds, twice.  There was a good bunch of willing candidates who ran this and they did an amzing job. After the...


Special Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, Owen Miller, stopped by today! It was a great pleasure to meet someone who had actually been there and done it. He brought the Olympic torch with him as he was the candidate, chosen to run with it in Wales.  Here he is with...
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Archery gets under way. The countries participating in this event are China, Australia, Sweden, Ukraine, Japan, Italy, The Netherlands and Russia. After some very good archery, the eventual winner was Japan for the boys and China for the girls. Well done to Japan and China as well as Australia for...


Former gymnast Craig Heap visited our Press base and was interviewed about his thoughts on the event. Craig became the first person to captain England to Gold at the 1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games. He also competed four years later in the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, again securing Gold.   What do...
Opening Ceremony

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In preparation for the kick-off of the first Queen Anne Cluster Olympics, the P7 competitiors were arranged in schools with matching colours. Mr Billington introduced the event, saying that it was “fantastic to see everyone in their different coloured t-shirts”. An opening speech from Commonwealth Gold Medalist Craig Heap inspired the young...

Queen Anne High School’s Olympics Celebration Begins

Just after 9am on Friday 18 May, athletes from Queen Anne and the cluster primaries set off for an ambitious torch relay covering 28 miles. This is the first event of our cluster Olympics event, which will see athletes from 14 schools come together to compete in a series of...
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Adopts an Olympic Athlete

Queen Anne High School adopts an Olympic athlete
Latest entries


The Queen Anne Olympics have been a very enjoyable experience.  I already know a lot more about the layout of the school so I can get around the school a lot more easily.  I wanted to do some sports at first but now that I have experienced being part of the press corps, I’m glad that I got picked...


Queen Anne’s Depute Rector, Mr Billington, has played a vital part in making a success and completion of the schools very own Cluster Olympics. Along with other members of staff as well as a number of seniors, Mr Billington has ensured the smooth running of many sporting events held over a two day period, and...
Hockey Players Fight On!


The next rounds of hockey have gone well, despite the heavy rain the players have continued fighting and the games have been a success. The scores of the games are as follows: Russia v Japan 1-2     China v Sweden 6-0       Spain v Kenya 0-4       Germany v Australia 0-0 Netherlands v Ukraine 0-3      Sweden v Russia 1-3         ...
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Gymnastic Routines

On 8th June at 2.00PM, the male and female gymnastic routines were held in the dance studio in the P.E department. It was off to a brilliant start with the gymnasts’ hurtling gracefully across the floor. They were completing their practised routines as we arrived. The gymnasts’ only had one practise routine and then they...
Girls 25m Breaststroke

Girls 25m Breaststroke

The final 25 metre swimming event was the Girls 25 metre Breaststroke. This event was split into two seperate heats and the winner from each got first and second places respectively and the fastest second place got third place. The winner from the first heat was China and the second winner was Germany, getting the...
Award Ceremony


Today the award ceremony was in the hall because it was too wet outside. The award ceremony went really well with all the medals  getting handed out. Everybody looked really happy with their medals. There were many National Anthems played and nearly every country won a medal.Well done to all the countries that won medals and to those who missed...

Costumes Galore

Students have really entered into the spirit of their countries they are representing… This enthusiastic member of the Australia team is equipped with an Auzzie hat and flag foam finger.
The Hockey Games Have Begun!


The hockey games have begun and they are off to a great start with a 2 -1 win for Japan against Russia, a 6- 0 win for China against Sweden, a 6- 0 win for Germany against Australia and a 4-0 win for Spain against Kenya. Well done to all teams!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Boys 25m Breaststroke

The fifth and penultimate 25 metre event was the boys 25 metre breaststroke. This event was again entertaining to watch as it was quite close but nothing could stop the impenetrable force that was the Chinese swimming team, again securing the Gold medal in this event. Russia got the Silver medal and France came in...

My Experience Of Press Corps

I don’t know where to begin….. My experience of the Queen Anne High School Press Corps has been really good fun. I have learned many important skills for example: on the computer, social skills and writing reports and essays for the future. I have really enjoyed this opportunity and would like to continue this later in...
Girls 25m Backstroke

Girls 25m Backstroke

The back stroke took place in Carnegie Leisure Centre Training Pool. The countries started off by warming up and practising by doing lengths in the pool before the competitions had started. Neil Thompson was refereeing to see if anyone should be disqualified for improper moves.  The winner of the race was China who have now bagged their 26th gold medal! Germany...

Boys 25m Backstroke

The third of a number of swimming events was the Boys 25m Backstroke. Throughout this race it was very close and this made it great to watch! The race was eventually won by China with Russia in close second. Well done to all those who competed in this event.