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Perfect for custom collages! You control everything that enhances the framing of your digital photos - overall dimensions, number of matboards and their colors, choice of window shapes and positioning, photo paper, glazing and frame type.
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We make it quick and easy for you by providing templates. These multi-window or thematic models have predetermined dimensions, a fixed number of matboards and prepositioned window shapes. You insert your photos and then choose the matboard colors, photo paper, glazing and frame type that suit your eye and budget.
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Template Edition or Design by Myself
Import photos to be framed
Tune your frame
Check in each frame package
Shipping information
Select your preferred design tools
Design By Myself Edition
Design with Template Edition
Upload your Photos and crop the area to be framed.
Select your framing package components - mats, openings, mouldings.
Register each design with a check in action.
When ready, go to checkout.
Specify destination and shipping method. is your online custom frame shop ! We provide two free applications for creating professionally crafted frame packages which protect, preserve, and enhance your digital images.

Click below to watch videos of FDI, our user-friendly framing interface:

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Thematic Templates:

The Easy Way to Go!
Click on “Design with Template” to use one of our thematic templates. From simple designs for portrait or landscape photography (see Solos, Duos, etc.) to Holidays (see Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.) to Sports (see Allstar or Allstars), there’s a template which suits your favorite snapshot. Remember, you still choose the matboard colors, photo paper, glazing, and frame type. We will print, mount, mat and frame the photo to your specifications. Try it, it’s easy to use!

Design by Myself:

The Creative Way to Go! presents FDI, the most comprehensive and versatile interactive custom framing tool for digital photographs available on the Internet. You control all of the aspects of your framing project – overall dimensions, photo size and paper, matboards, the number, shape, size and positioning of windows, edge treatment (with or without bevel), the glazing, the frame type – all on one screen. Let your creative juices flow - we take care of the rest!

Gift Card

A gift card to frame events.
Looking for an original gift idea for that creative person’s birthday or special occasion? Let them design their own personalized, professionally printed, matted and framed digital photograph using a gift card! Now available in $50 and $100 denominations. Click here

It’s that simple!

Only six steps to create your own personalized framed photo package!
Drag and drop with mouse to compose custome frame. Import photo from anywhere you want. Customize up to 3 layers of mat.
With the FDI Template Edition, you choose a pre-designed template, then drag and drop your mat and frame choices onto it.

Push photos from your Desktop or from Facebook or Flickr.

Independently customize up to 3 mat layers!