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Mimi Butler Offers Free Live Online Seminars to Universities

Helping Parents and Students Select the Right Instrument

Most parents are unfamiliar with the steps needed
to purchase or rent an instrument for their children. This no-nonsense guide will cover: tips for buying
or renting an instrument, understanding when it is
time to upgrade, how to effectively communicate
with parents about upgrades, hosting an instrument workshop, Beginner vs. Professional Instruments, Instrument Insurance, and much more!



Are you a private music teacher? Looking to grow your studio business? 

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Teachers Are Talking About Mimi's Workshops & Books:

"We had a meeting at the end of the day to discuss the convention and I thought you should know that everyone agreed that your sessions were fun and informative, that you are a top notch clinician, truly the guru of the private studio, and that we should have you back again!"

- Susan (Workshop Attendee)

Of all those teachers are there any who have never had problems with the parents of the students? Most could write a book on their experiences, which is exactly what studio teacher Mimi Butler has done. Fortunately, she focuses on addressing and solving the problems, not just on cataloguing them.

- Laurinel Owen, The Strad

The book covers all aspects of the private studio: marketing, taxes, scheduling, billing (with sample notices included), policies for make-ups and cancellations, evaluations, recitals and mentoring. "Ms. Butler has spent many hours putting this comprehensive guide together. She has consulted numerous experts to make sure information is accurate."

—Roberta Warfield, The Bridge

"The word "complete" in the title of this spiral-bound book is almost an understatement, because I can't think of anything concerning the business of running a private music studio not covered.

---"American Recorder"

"I'm very confident that my studio wouldn't exist if it weren't for you and your books. It was in the "Make More Money" book that I got the idea to hire other teachers into my home studio space, and it just snowballed from there. We've been open for 2 months and have 19 students already, and it's growing every day. THANK YOU!!"

-- Tricia Galvez Gruswitz,
Private Music Teacher


"What a WONDERFUL day of information, inspiration, and not least, excitement you brought to us 
yesterday! Student feedback has been overwhelming, and overwhelmingly
positive. Your sessions taught
our students of the importance of a clear, organized
business structure to a studio music teacher’s
reputation for integrity and
societal value."

-- Dr. Jerry Fischbach, The University of Maryland
There are also books out there that address music studio businesses.  I found
Mimi Butler's The Complete Guide to Running a Private Music Studio most helpful.

From Anne Horvath
Posted on January 5, 2011

I am really impressed with the books I bought from you at TMEA.  I have started the process of setting up the teaching aspect of my business with hopes of being ready to go when the 2016-2017 school year begins.  Thanks for writing these books.  There are really practical things in them that a lot of people overlook.


I find the part about billing to be most helpful.  I have several retired friends who have tried to teach for some extra income.  They have enjoyed working with the students but some have given up because they don't get enough income from it due to lack of business experience.   Margaret C.

Mimi and the Large Violin