MAKING OF..latexshooting part 3

MAKING OF..latexshooting part 3

kein typisches sexfilmchen sondern ein interessanter einblick hinter die kulissen wie ich ein fotoshooting in sachen latex hatte.schau zu wie eine fotoserie entsteht und das ganze in drei teile,hier nun teil drei——-not your typical sex films but an interesting insight behind the scenes as I have a photo shoot in latex hatte.schau things to like a photo series created and all this in three parts, here’s part three

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Wicked Latex Foot Tickle

Wicked Latex Foot Tickle

Mistress Jacqueline suspends her victims feet, which are encased in latex socks. He’s in for some torment from her nails and the whartenberg wheel, as he is helpless to move.

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First FUCK for young twink

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Id heard he should be a really dirty pig but has never fucked before . So it was time to change that !! Dressed in my new wetllook catsuit I give him a chance and he creamed my ass !

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Red Riding Cunt


OUTDOOR ACTION! Latexclad Red Riding Cunt goes into the enchanted forest, and seriously needs to golden shower the evil bushes! And after that she, horny as she is, massages her big fucking knockers and poses very sexily for your cock! As always in HD.



Red Balletboot-Training #2/2

Freaky Girl Valery did have ballet boots training for already a few hours, but it should be not enough for now!Lady Seraphina took Valery once again and forced her to walk some rounds in her complete transparent-red rubberoutfit and then she also gaged and bond Valery as she had to stand on her tiptoes in her shiny red boots for several hours…What a pain!Pitiful Valery….


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Holly has the dildo in her pussy from behind as she kneels. She then turns around to face us and sits on the floor with her legs spread wide, fucking her pussy with that toy. She turns around once more to show you her ass, sits on her heels and spreads her cheeks to tease. She moves forward to show more of those long boots and high heels. When she turns back around, she spreads her legs and plays with her pussy, grabbing the strip of latex between her legs and pulls it aside to shove the dildo back into her pussy while she shoves her toes in your face and tells you to lick them while she teases you with them. The camera looks up her boots to her fucking her pussy while she gets heated up, moaning louder now. 4:22 Min 640X480 Screen SizeAVI

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