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What is Google Ads? Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords before July 2018) is a platform developed by Google for users to advertise their product, services, and content online.   In Google Ads, advertisers pay to display brief advertising copy, video content, and product listings, within the Google Ad Network to Web users. Google …

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How to get better at writing and avoid content mediocrity

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It’s never been a greater time to become a writer or aspiring to become one. Due to platforms like LinkedIn, Word press, Medium and BlogSpot who snatched the power from major publishing and media firms and have given the opportunity for writers to publish their writing on the web entirely for free. But, it’s important …

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PODCASTING IN INDIA 101: A Guide on What it is, Why You Need It and How to start?

Serial is an investigative journalism, nonfiction story podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig over multiple episodes. With a total of 174 million downloads, the podcast episodes made an ongoing world record. On similar lines, The music app Saavn launched an original programming network in April 2016 covering the Aarushi murder case. While podcasting in India is a …

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25+ Killer future business ideas you need to know for a super successful startup by 2020

Are you someone who always wanted to start his/her own business but couldn’t find the perfect idea? Or, Are you stuck in a dead-end job and its killing you? Can’t find the motivation to go to work? Do you want to start your own profitable business and looking for new business ideas of future businesses …

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Why is Digital Markerketing is the next big thing in India and how you can get on board with it?

Digital Marketing! Sounds like a fancy word for traditional marketing right? Or it’s a real deal! Well, Digital marketing does include conventional marketing techniques but it is more than that. So what is digital marketing? To understand this first we have to understand what really is marketing. What is Marketing? Marketing refers to the activities …

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