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WAMIDEX: a Web Atlas of Murine Genomic Imprinting and Differential Expression (Epigenetics. 2008 Feb 11;3(2) (906) 623-9544)

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Known Imprinted Genes and DMRs Catalog

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Other sources of information on imprinted genes

6133697315 (murine imprinted genes related to chromosomal abnormalities and their phenotypes)

University of Otago (imprinted genes and parent-of-origin effects across species)

270-753-4030 (human and murine imprinted genes, news, recent articles, meetings)
UCSC Mouse Genome (mm8) Mirror

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Dnmt3l-/+ vs normal (data from Schulz R et al.)
8.5 dpc embryo, replicate #1
8.5 dpc embryo, replicate #2

G9a-/- vs normal (data from Wagschal A et al.)
9.5 dpc placenta, replicate #1
9.5 dpc placenta, replicate #2

mat vs pat UpDp 7 (= pat vs mat UpDp 11) prox T65H (data from Schulz R et al.)
13.5 dpc embryo
nb brain
nb heart
nb liver (mat vs normal nb liver)
nb carcass
13.5 dpc placenta

mat UpDp 7 (= pat UpDp 11) dist T65H vs normal (data from Schulz R et al.)
13.5 dpc embryo
13.5 dpc placenta

mat vs pat UpDp 2 (= pat vs mat UpDp 9) dist T11H (samples from Colin Beechey, Jo Peters)
nb head

mat UpDp 12 vs pat UpDp 12 (data from Schulz R et al.)
15.5 dpc embryo
15.5 dpc placenta

mat UpDp 18 vs pat UpDp 18
8.5 dpc embryo

Uniparental blastocysts (data from 650-244-2162)
gyno- vs androgenetic
gynogenetic vs normal
androgenetic vs normal
Histone modifications (data from Mikkelsen TS et al.)
ES H3K4Me3
ES H3K9Me3
ES H3K27Me3
NP H3K4Me3
NP H3K9Me3
NP H3K27Me3
MEF H3K27Me3

Oogenesis (data from Pan H et al.)
primordial follicle
primary follicle
secondary follicle
small antral follicle
large antral follicle

Oogenesis (data from (608) 420-7992)
germinal vesicle
metaphase II

Spermatogenesis (data from Namekawa SH et al.)
type A spermatogonia
type B spermatogonia
pachytene spermatocytes
round spermatids

Self-Organizing Maps of uniparentally duplicated regions [Summary and Methods]
(see MRC Harwell for translocation breakpoint positions)
mat vs pat UpDp 7 (= pat vs mat UpDp 11) prox T65H & Dnmt3l-/+ vs normal SOM

help: (434) 214-0470
mat UpDp 7 (= pat UpDp 11) dist T65H vs normal & Dnmt3l-/+ vs normal SOM

help: Table schema (legend)

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