Are you a vegan or not? Vegans are those people who only have vegetables, nuts and fruits etc. they refrain from all types of meats, eggs and even dairy products.

Let’s talk about certain myths associated.

  • Not enough protein – Meat, dairy and egg is not the only source of protein one can get protein from nuts, legumes for example half a cup of beans contains as much protein as 28 grams of red meat. Beans keep you full for hours and is light on your stomach.
  • Only veggies-Vegan food is not vegetables it contains fruits and starchy foods like potatoes, beans, sweet potato, lasagna, pizza etc.
  • Destroying plants  – wrong as plants don’t have nerves, no brain means no pain at all.
  • Frail figures -Top athletes are vegans like David Meyer of USA is a Martial artist, Mac Danzig American mixed martial artist famous tennis player sisters Venus and Serena williams and the list goes on and on.
  • Hungry all the time – With all that fiber, nutrients and enough water intake is neccesary for good health.
  • It’s too expensive – People think that vegan foods choices are expensive and are difficult to prepare.
  • Is honey good for us or bees – bees put in a lot of hardship to gather all that nectar not for us but for themselves its cruel to snatch from them.
  • What about calcium- Milk is not the only source of calcium as 1 cup of milk contains 305 mg of calcium ad there are green vegetables like spinach cooked (1 cup), kale cooked (1 cup), dried apricots(1 cup) all these combined contains 410 mg calcium.
  • Going out for dinner is a bad idea – Options for food are limited for you, no they are just different. One can customize the meal accordingly.


So what do you think about vegan lifestyleand its facts share your opinion and thoughts.