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Welcome to InChange Solutions

We know how to provide new ways to analyze data from descriptive to predictive

and deliver custom enterprise solutions using IBM Bluemix platform as a service



Data is the new basis of competitive advantage. Leaders will drive business outcomes by applying more sophisticated analytics across more disparate data sources in more parts of their organization.

The data and analytics landscape is shifting rapidly.

There are decisions that need to be made in days, in minutes, in seconds.

Our employees are passionate and skilled in exploring data and content, understanding its implications and applying insights.


We’re using Bluemix, IBM’s Platform as a Service, which lets our developers to use their programming language of choice to compose apps faster than with conventional methods.

The platform provides the capabilities needed to address a whole range of critical agendas, from creating a new data foundation to deriving value from unstructured content

InChange products provides the critical elements for any enterprise solution, including :

  • Breadth and depth of analytics
  • Data integration & governance
  • Hybrid & fluid architecture
  • Open & unified platform

Our Services

InChange offers a specialized range of services that meet the specific needs
of different customers and industries

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