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MobiCode Device Solutions

MobiCode has developed a modular suite of low-cost solutions that support the key activities a business will follow when handling pre-owned mobile devices. From instant device Lost / Stolen checks, through testing and grading, to certificated device wipe solutions, we have all the services you need to maximise the value of your stock and optimise your operational processes. All services and activities connect to a comprehensive central reporting dashboard, allowing you the full visibility and tracking of usage from user to management level.

Our Fastest Automated Recycling Tool

Our NEW PC Application, Mobi10,  offers both retail and hub operations the capabilities to process pre-owned devices quickly, efficiently and consistently, taking a handset through the FASTEST journey possible.

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MobiCHECK, our instant device due-diligence service, protects you from purchasing devices that are lost / stolen or may have activation locks still active.

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Built into Mobi10, MobiTEST guides the user on a sequence of automated and interactive tests, quickly eliminating defective devices.


Mobi Wipe


Securely wipe used devices, with our certificated Mobile Data Erasure Tool, providing peace of mind to yourselves and your customers.


Mobicode’s suite of products has been developed from the ground up to address the requirements of the used mobile market sector specifically.

Mobicode protects your company from the cost of human error and drives efficiency.

Our certified solutions will ensure compliance, protect you from the cost of crime and increase your profits.

The ROI on our products will prove the best decision you could make.

  • Protect your purchases with our device due-diligence solution

  • Quickly test devices functionally and cosmetically

  • 100% erase devices to ensure no customer data remains

  • Reduce crime and fraud by securely sharing information within our SHARE network

Supporting the following industry sectors


A full end-to-end suite of solutions to support the processing of pre-owned devices. Including Check, Test, Wipe and also Unlocking.

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With SHARE, our unique data sharing solution, you can reduce fraud by checking devices of interest before you process claims.


Network Provider


Protect your store’s stock by ensuring it’s not traded without authorisation by utilising our simple to use ‘Watch List’ service.

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Reduce mobile related crime by securely sharing data relating to devices of interest, with instant alerts based on activity.


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