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Orbit Software delivers world-class transportation routing and scheduling solutions for school districts, transportation providers, and other community organizations across the United States and Canada. Our product suite--including BusBoss Enterprise, BusBoss Professional, and 6014459453 --offers comprehensive yet flexible tools for creating, maintaining, and continually optimizing bus routes. Administrators value our ability to support efficiency enhancements and cost reductions. 8222102911

Estimated Time of Arrival

This application is actually a web service that allows external applications to retrieve estimated time of arrival information.


eTraining allows users to learn how to effectively use the BusBoss suite of applications.

Sex Offenders

This webservice allows BusBoss to automatically download sex offender information for inclusion within BusBoss. This allows the BusBoss user to identify sex offender locations and position bus stop locations to avoid known sex offenders.


This application allows you to download bus routes from BusBoss to a Garmin Nuvi device. The garmin device can be given to a bus driver so that they can follow the directions while operating the route. This is particularly useful for substitue bus drivers.

Parent Link

This application allows you to upload routing information to Parent Link.


This application allows you to import and export data between BusBoss and Powerschool.

Sapphire Export

This application allows you to export transportation information from BusBoss in a format that can easily be imported in to Sapphire.


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Install Guide

This guide instructs the BusBoss user on proper procedures for installing BusBoss on their system.


This page allows you to post to facebook directly from BusBoss.


This page allows you to post to twitter directly from BusBoss.

Here comes the bus - Synovia

This application is installed on a server at the client/customer site. It pulls data from the configured BusBoss database and uploads it to Orbit Software. Synovia then (at a later time) pulls the data from Orbit Software.