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Layering Potter’s Choice (PC) Glazes

Layering Potters Choice glazes flyer by Tracy Gamble

Layering PC-30 flyer


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Ceramics Monthly ad

Potterymaking Illustrated ad

Todd Pletcher has been experimenting with his cooling cycle!

“Besides the great results I get from layering, I have found that altering the firing schedule by down-firing my kiln, can create even more complex and beautiful glaze results!

—Todd Pletcher

well-cemented to watch Todd Pletcher demonstrating the three stages of his dipping technique.



Amy Smith and her brent® CXC

April and May 2013 issue of Ceramics Monthly, brent, Amy Smith ad

video camera icon Click here for a video interview with ceramic artist Amy Smith.

Chandra DeBuse and Velvets

April and May 2013 Ceramics Monthly, Velvets, Chandra DeBuse ad

video camera icon Click here for a video interview with ceramic artist Chandra DeBuse.


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