MIT’s distinctive chapel, designed by famous architect Eero Saarinen

This past semester has been a blur perhaps more than any other. Something unexpected and awesome happened: MIT’s recently-hired Chaplain to the Institute is creating a new Assistant Chaplain (to the Institute) position and I’ve been offered this role!—sort of.

Some of this is a bit tricky to explain so I’ll try to make it concise with an executive summary followed by FAQ: (503) 791-8292


Mary here:

We kicked of 2018 with something new: Saturday Brunch with the Reynolds!—monthly gatherings at our house for MIT students. Each month is a slightly new cohort of friends. This is the ONE gathering where we can invite our MIT friends from all the various connection points Adam and I have at MIT – my yoga classes and the myriad of groups Adam runs and is a part of! It’s fun to see who shows up! Sometimes we have only a few guests we actually know, and then several of their friends whom we’re just meeting! Some months we sit around in a circle, all in one conversation while other times there are several smaller chats going on around the room. We do our best to keep the conversations away from academics and the stresses of MIT—focusing on fun activities coming up, hobbies, or other uplifting topics. (956) 212-3414

(802) 384-9179

I’m handing the mic over to David, who was interning with me this past year. His big project this Spring was overseeing “3374470094“. I think you’ll get a sense of his sharp theological mind which I can attest is complemented by his warm authentic pastoral presence—two of the ingredients which made this such a successful endeavor!

I learned about Heretic’s Club last May when I began talking to Adam about an internship for the 2017-18 school year. HC had its first run that spring (2017) but because we had a lot of other work to do in the fall, we looked forward to MIT’s January term as a time to reboot it.

The story of HC is just as much the story of its identity and how we continued to wrestle with the question: “What is Heretic’s Club?” What are we trying to do here? We worked through these questions by just doing the thing, forging ahead with uncertainty—all the while seeing what worked, what students were interested in, and seeking greater discernment. But like any of the most meaningful things in our lives, we couldn’t know in advance what exactly it would become. Continue reading →

Interfaith Fun and Friendship

Where to begin?! I guess the natural place to start is to let you know how my (822) 518-3413 as the coordinator of MIT’s interfaith program has been going. The quick, two-word answer is “SO FUN!”

[A quick recap/reminder from our last update. MIT offered me the position of overseeing it’s interfaith dialogue program, a half-time position. So this has been my first semester as half-time (614) 239-1735 Chaplain and half-time interfaith chaplain.] 903-622-3048

(818) 785-0286

Things came together for me to have another seminary student intern with me this semester, this time from Boston University’s School of Theology. His name is David and I have a ton of gratitude for what a great guy and great match he is for our work! He resonates really well with the Blue Ocean Faith style, plus he has experience doing university interfaith work. Continue reading →