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Master Robert Z

Mordialloc Family Martial Art Studio

Yoga Based Martial Arts for Parents, Grandparents and Children.


Mordialloc Martial Art Studio founded in 1999 is a Family Friendly way to train the Yoga based Martial Art style. Parents train with their children for free on Saturday Mornings at 9.30am and children can train with their parents and grandparents in the adults training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6.30pm. Still not sure? Well, train three times for free first and than, you either like it and come back or you don't. But you will never, ever know, unless you give it a go! Where you ask? Corner of Albert Street and Lewis Street Mordialloc, by the Police Station, 5 minutes walk from Mordialloc Railway Station, across the tracks from Nepean Highway or click here for our Venue Information Page. You will always be safe at the Studio and on our WEB site!.

Still not sure? Jump to the bottom and have a look at our home made video of the training. Not very professional but genuine us.

All the material you train at the Mordialloc Studio is here for review and home training. Click on the 10 Levels Box above to see it all.

The Online training program started as a resource for our Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Members who needed to travel for long periods of time and/or professionally. Originally we would just record our daily training and explanations in 1997 we moved over to specific for our 'Cyber' (traveling) members needs. We continued the 'workout' recordings from our daily classes but started making technique specific recordings. This became a a sophisticated and professional program using multiple cameras and angles to give the best possible visual and auditory recordings. We constantly improved based on the feedback we received and now have, we believe, based on comparisons, the best and most comprehensive Kung Fu Instruction program on the WEB. If you do know of a better program, please let us know as we are always happy to learn and improve.

General Info
  1. Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Main Page
  2. Our Training Location & Times
  3. Intro to Kung Fu?
  4. Even more about Kung Fu
  5. What is '5 Animal' Kung Fu?
  6. What Animal Style are You?
  7. Kung Fu at Home Info
  8. The Shaolin Way
  9. About the Academy, History and People
  10. Instructor Training Program
  11. How Shaolin Kung Fu started
  1. All Techniques & Forms Recordings
  2. 10 Levels to Black Sash Recordings

  3. The One Universal Kung Fu Warm-up
  4. 21 Kung Fu Postures
  5. 25 Kung Fu Guards
  6. 10 Stepping Methods
  7. 17 Evasive Ways
  8. 2 Complete Moving Systems
  9. 25 Ways of Blocking
  10. 21 Standard Punches
  11. 11 Long Fist Strikes
  12. 10 Speciality Fists
  13. 10½ Animal Claws
  14. 7 Open Hand Strikes
  15. 9 Speciality Animal Hands
  16. 5 Speciality Finger Strikes
  17. 10 Elbows Strikes
  18. 5 Forearms Strikes
  19. 50 Kicks
  20. 11 Close Quarter Techniques
  21. 5 Leg Interference Techniques
  22. 6 Traditional Leg Sweeps
  23. 10 Simple Self Defence Routines
  24. 28 Kung Fu Forms
  25. 13+ Tactics
  26. 6 Show Routines
72 Fists Routines
  1. Introduction
  2. Level 1 - Foundations
  3. Level 2 - Variations
  4. Level 3 - Cripple Hands
  5. Level 4 - Hong Kong Style
  6. Level 5 - Long Fist
  7. Level 6 - Off the Ground
  8. Level 7 - Rear Defence
  9. Level 8 - Just Legs
  10. Level 9 - Odds and Sods
  11. Level 10 - Full Review
The 10 BH Levels
  1. L1 - Emei Shan Kung Fu
  2. L2 - Kwantung Kung Fu
  3. L3 - Fukien Kung Fu
  4. L4 - Wudang Kung Fu
  5. L5 - Intro 5 Animal Kung Fu
  6. L6 - Shaolin Tiger
  7. L7 - Shaolin Panther Kung Fu
  8. L8 - Shaolin Crane Kung Fu
  9. L9 - Shaolin Snake Kung Fu
  10. L10 - Consolidation/5 Animal Kung Fu
5 Weaponry 'Types'
  1. Intro to . .
  2. Advanced Info to . .
  3. Impact & Trauma
  4. Cutting & Stabbing
  5. Flexible & Hidden
  6. Projected & Shot
  7. Not Weapons
Extra Info
  1. Sijo Robert Z
  2. Sifu Martyn McD
  3. Red Faced General
  4. Black Sash
  5. Animal Personalities
  6. Our Kung Fu Spirit
  7. What Is Kung Fu
  8. Indemnity (Blue) Form
  9. Gift Voucher
  10. Life Balance

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The Kung Fu Network and Shaolin Kung Fu Academy WEB pages are SSL secured! There are no 'cookies' or 'programs' that can cause any form of problems for your device. We have removed most all flash videos and we do not use or ever have used flash apps, or any form of apps what-so-ever, on our pages. There is no data collection, pop-ups, spy-ware, Facebook Pixel Code, or any such c..p! All coding is done by Sijo and in plain HTML5. We do not gather or authorize the gathering of any of your information; period. If you have any concerns, e-mail

Transition to HD/UHD

Current improvements to the program are improving the format to HD. But as we are a small organization, less than 50 members, it is taking us a long time and soon we may as well start making UHD recordings. The only limitation is WEB space cost at the moment. So for the time being, you will have to do with a mix of Full HD, HD and SD recordings all mixed together. We have also transferred most of the content from Flash to MP4 which seems to work across most devices including Tablets, Phone, PC and Apple devices.

Quick Guide to the Site

There are two ways in which you can use the program. Curriculum based, phototypographic or just choose the 972-679-8766 BUT, before you jump into this, you may want to have a look How the Cyber Program Works.

Sui Dynasty Shaolin 72 Fist Kung Fu

We also have the 2493492091. It is different from the Temple Kung Fu (the first 5 levels of the 10 levels to Black Sash) and Animal Kung Fu (Levels 6 through 10 to Black Sash) in as much that it is more 'outcome' based. It references possibly the start of Shaolin Kung Fu around 600 CE late in the Sui Dynasty when Shaolin Kung Fu was a bit less refined, more direct and possibly less considerate.

Where as the Temple Kung Fu is based in the Song and Yuan Dynasties period around the turn of the 1st Millennium; the 5 Animal Kung Fu, which may also have started in the Yan Dynasty, was developed and perfected mostly during the time of the Ming Dynasty. The Animal Kung Fu is considered the highest form of Shaolin Kung Fu, second to none. It also has the longest and steepest learning curve.

Traditional Chinese (Cold) Weaponry Training

The Shaolin Academy also has many, many Chinese Weaponry Forms. These through are accessible through our main page, / The Weaponry Program is divided into 5 'types of Weaponry. (316) 651-6529 Sharp & Stabbing, (864) 689-5026, 867-765-6534; and Not Weapons. Each of these pages will have the recording of forms that we have been able to record. In all there should be well over 20 traditional Chinese Weaponry Forms to learn and train.

The Martial Art Professional

We have extensive resources for Martial Art Instructors. No, not martial art techniques or forms but all the stuff that often does not get taught and has many people who choose to go out and teach, fail. there is a wide range of information including legalities, safety and a program that helps instructors become professionals not just copying their instructors. Have a look, as it is also one of the best programs for being not just a good instructor but an interesting and excellent martial art instructor.

Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

Our main site has all the information you may want about our Main Kwoon (Guan) in Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia including location and training details as well as a lot of information on Shaolin, Kung Fu, History, the Academy, Instructors and of course Traditional Chinese Weaponry.


Well, actually, the above was a summary, jest below we have an extensive list if direct links to the various recordings. Have a look and i (Sijo) hope you enjoy the information presented as much as i enjoy kung fu and spreading it to the world the way i understand it! Oh, at the bottom of the page is a two minute promo video of our training.

Welcome to the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Video Recording; this is what we do!