We have created a formulaic process compiling thousands of data points in order to create ultimate precision, NFL fantasy predictions for daily fantasy players*. The industry standard in NFL daily fantasy predictions is approximately 55% correctness. In 2017, FOOTBALL FORMULAS created a prediction method that was 75% correct within ±3.26 points~. This is achieved through our three-tier process^ that evaluates data through our mathematical formula, then through a rigid trend analysis, and ending with a final assessment of various other game-time intangibles. Get your FREE membership throughout FOOTBALL FORMULAS first year for the most informed predictions you can find.

This early-week edition will include a tier-3 analysis of all games played before Sunday, and a tier-1 analysis of all other players to play each week.

You will receive the early-week edition and an updated post every Saturday which updates the remaining week’s players through a 3-tier analysis.