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a year

  • 10 Domains
  • 400 Records
  • 5M Queries
  • DNS Analytics
  • 1 Query Log /month
  • Two Factor Auth
  • SLA-backed

  • 970-358-1490



a year

  • 25 Domains
  • 1,000 Records
  • 10M Queries
  • DNS Analytics
  • 5 Query Logs /month
  • Two Factor Auth
  • SLA-backed
  • REST API Access
  • 3 Failover Records

  • Customize



a year

[ can be billed monthly ]

  • 50 Domains
  • 2,000 Records
  • 50M Queries
  • DNS Analytics
  • 25 Query Logs /month
  • Three Factor Auth
  • SLA-backed
  • REST API Access
  • 10 Failover Records
  • 1 GTD Domain
  • 10 Sub Users
  • Business Hours Phone Support

  • Customize

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Built on the Fastest, Most Reliable Network

Fastest DNS Provider in 2016 and 2017

500% back uptime SLA for all membership levels

16 points of presence at major Internet Exchange points

Trusted by over 900,000 domains

14 year 100% uptime history

Average query resolution in 30 milliseconds or less

Engineered for high capacity answering over 40 billion queries a day

Data and bandwidth partnerships with tier 1 providers

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DNS Made Easy Fastest Provider

New Feature! We just released our DNS Analytics platform. Get crucial insights about your domains and see real-time query logs on an interactive map.

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