We. Are. JD Mining.

JD Mining is a Globally diversified Bitcoin Mining Leader.

From hosted mining farms and hash rate sales — to proprietary custodial mining machines — JD Mining helps people and businesses create, safeguard, manage and grow crypto assets.

JD Mining owns and operates one of China’s largest and most efficient cryptocurrency datacenters — and we expanded our client base to Hong Kong, Toronto and Japan. We are recently expanding our facility presence in Central Asia, South East Asia, and North America.

Now we’re building on that success by offering a complete suite of accretive crypto products to fuel mainstream consumer mining adoption, stable hashrates and strategic acquisitions.

Industry Expert Leadership

JD MIning has assembled a strong team of executives & directors with deep experience in
crypto assets trading, bitcoin mining, investment banking for the ultra high net worth, venture
capital, and altcoins tradings.

About JD Mining

One of the largest publicly traded
cryptocurrency miners in the world.

JD Mining is a cryptocurrency mining and blockchain infrastructure company established since 2014. JD Mining has Many BlockBoxes representing up to almost 200 MW of power capacity in total of containers located in (Hong Kong) China, Tokyo and Toronto.

JD Mining is the leading full-service mining management technology company, offering hashrates, mining consortiums, both cloud base mining services and BlockBox.

The benefits
of mining with us

We have many reasons to think that no other bitcoin mining system or home built mining rig can top our offer.
Here is the list of the advantages of choosing our special mining services.

Secure and Simple

Investors avoid the need to create online wallets, wire money offshore and safely store their bitcoins. JD Mining provides a secure and simple way to invest.


Our DataCentres

Cryptocurrency mining requires three things to operate at Optimal Efficiency 3 Trifecta:

  • Low cost of electricity ($.02 to $.04 per kWh)
  • Hi speed internet
  • Cool climate

JD Mining has created proprietary software to monitor hardware 24/7 including: IP, temperature, hashrate, wattage,fans and memory. Data centers have the flexibility to switch between cryptocurrencies to focus computing resources on the most profitable crypto coins, making it capable of mining numerous cryptocurrencies.

Through the JD Mining BlockBox, you can access to a world-leading proprietary mix of hardware, software and operational expertise to construct, optimize and manage datacenters in low-cost and attractive jurisdictions.

The Future Of JD Mining

JD Mining’s main focus will be to expand its global blockchain technology business, as well as its mining capacity through its highly efficient data centers. JD Mining will pursue a number of strategic initiatives:

Using cash on hand and mining proceeds, we intend to aggressively expand its mining capacity and acquire more mining rigs, and we are aiming to be one of the world’s leading hashpower provider in cloud mining services!

To achieve mining success that is tied to mining and hash rates, JD Mining will focus on diversification and the mining of alternatives currencies.

Develop 600 or more mining machines all connected in one shipment container to optimise mining activity(maximising yield related to quantity, and value of the currency mined) Enhance JD Mining’s proprietary cloud base hosting system to monitor all aspects of mining, maximising efficiency.