Create simple, beautiful art.

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Simple, step-by-step online painting classes designed for everyone!

  • Find your creative side!

    Anyone can create beautiful pieces of art with these guided online painting classes. Everyone has a creative side. This is a chance to explore yours!

  • Paint at your own pace.

    Create at your own pace. You will gain new techniques and insights during each class while building a collection of your very own artwork.

  • No experience needed.

    Our classes are designed to be simple and easy to follow, no matter your skill level.

  • Discover hidden talent.

    Our classes can help you find the hidden talent you never knew you had! Then they can help you hone your own personal style of painting.

  • Create simple, beautiful art.

    These classes are designed so that anyone, no matter the skill level, can enjoy creating simple, beautiful works of art.

  • Easy-to-find art supplies.

    We stick to a simple selection of art materials that are easy to find to help you get started!

Meet instructor: Ginny Henson

Ginny Henson is constantly overflowing with creative energy. She owns a coffee shop and teaches painting classes to students in her newly-upgradated art studio.

People like her simple, free, and easy style which allows students of any skill level to follow along. She creates a fun and stress-free painting experience which is also very therapeutic.

Ginny is happy to be able to take her painting classes online and to give even more people a chance to enjoy the experience in a way that was not possible before!