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In the United States, a simple turning of a handle or pushing of a button yields copious amounts of clean, safe drinking water.  In fact, most families in the United States waste more drinking water in a single month than families in foreign countries use in an entire year.

Plagued by a lack of technology and infrastructure, many families in foreign countries resort to using water from unsafe sources – streams, rivers, canals, ponds, and even mud puddles.  These sources are generally contaminated with a range of chemical contaminants and waterborne pathogens, making the water unsafe to drink.

Exacerbating this problem are the lack of electricity, a delivery infrastructure, and an overall financial mechanism for solving the problem.

Indeed, the availability of safe drinking water rivals the availability of fossil fuels as the world’s number one resource challenge.

Intro to PFU

When it comes to selecting an emergency water purification system, only two things matter – performance and reliability.

The PFU Series is designed to be extremely robust, portable, and scalable water treatment systems. The systems are capable of treating water from just about any common source (with the exception of saltwater) and turning it into safe, potable water.

The systems have been tested extensively by independent laboratories, and fully comply with US Military standards for emergency operations microbiological water purifiers, including USEPA NSF P248 Standards and P231 Biological Challenge Standards.


ISO Made In U.S.A.

PFU-720V Series PFU-60 Series PFU 720 Series

    • Disaster Preparedness
    • Emergency Response
    • Residential Water Supply
    • Commercial Water Supply


    How should you judge a water treatment and purification system?

      • Reliable
      • Effective
      • Robust
      • Easy to Relocate
      • Easy to Operate
      • Minimal Maintenance
      • Multiple Power Sources
      • Low Cost of Operation


      The PFU Series can be powered by:

        • Conventional 110/220 VAC
        • Vehicle and Storage Batteries
        • Solar Power Systems
Field Ready Mobile Unit.