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Turn Your Data into Value with Bigstep

Make sense of your data in a full-stack big data ecosystem of tightly integrated, enterprise-grade, big data applications.
It melds web-scale engineering with consumer-grade ease-of-use and offers a single point of control to manage infrastructure and applications at any scale in a high-performance bare-metal cloud, or in a hybrid environment.


Bigstep Big Data Platform

The answer to the most challenging real-life business use cases.
The best technologies and top expertise, packaged to increase your data analytics project ROI.

Data Science, ML and DL Platform

Ramp up your ML models to production in a fully automated environment.

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Analytics as a Service Platform

Build a scalable data laboratory for an agile business.

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Integrated Technologies

Bigstep seamlessly integrates and ensures the compatibility of an extensive range of applications, delivering best-fit software solutions for real-world scenarios.

Deployment Options

Hadoop distributions, advanced search analytics engines, BI and visualization technologies with real-time capabilities can run almost instantly, completely automated, and with just a few clicks. Our state-of-the-art Control Center helps you manage the infrastructure and big data technologies and can bring projects from concept to production in a matter of minutes.


Our cloud relies on powerful non-virtualized, flexible, single-tenant servers that can be expanded, controlled, and managed just like a typical cloud, without compromising performance or privacy.



Bigstep Extend is the connecting bridge between your data center and the Bigstep Metal Cloud that you can manage under a single pane of glass.


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