Earn Points Fast
Be smarter with your spending. We show you the right card for the trips you want.
Automatic Tracking
Link your accounts to keep track of all your points in one place. Automatically.
Easy Booking
Search and automatically get the best travel techniques applied for you.
Saved per Booking
Saved vs. Cash
RewardStock saves you money on travel. Period!
Join the thousands of people getting awesome travel experiences for next to nothing.

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Annual Pricing


  • All benefits of Free Account
  • Automatic points balance tracking
  • Strategic guidance on earning points fast
  • Point-and-click booking right from your dashboard: you pick the place, we do the travel-hacking for you
  • Talk to a real person for help
Reward travel made simple.


For Businesses
  • All benefits of Membership
  • HR/wellness benefit
  • Help your employees utilize their most valuable job perks
  • Decrease expenses on corporate travel
  • Integrate with business travel portals
  • Discounted membership rates
  • Reward program analysis available
Your teams will love you for it.
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