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The Key Challenge

The Key Challenge

Many project managers painfully struggle to lead successfully in cross-functional project organizations. They don’t effectively engage with all stakeholders and motivate them to become pro active.

The Vision

The Vision

Project managers speak to the hearts and minds of all stakeholders. They are highly engaged and inspired into action. They are strictly aligned and the project operates effectively.

What We Do

What we do

We help project professionals increase their personal impact on projects. We focus on areas where textbooks are of no help. We bring decades of corporate experience in leadership, consulting and explore the full power of coaching

Striving for perfection in an imperfect world

I am Rainer Bach, performance coach and founder of MyFeedBach. During my long career, I’ve had the great opportunity to get to  know IT and IT organizations from all kinds of perspectives. I started as a system engineer, led teams in development and operations of international service providers and run huge transformation projects.

Acting pre-dominantly as a transformation project manager, I have fully realized how challenging it is to progress things in cross-functional organizations; a phenomenon that was compounded by the fact that in my status as an external contractor I had considerable responsibility but absolutely no authority. At some point, I became intrigued on the very question of how, even experienced project managers, could fundamentally and quickly improve their personal impact on projects in matrix organisations without immersing themselves blindly into scores of soft skill seminars.

Why coaching

It didn’t take long until I came across a book on coaching.  What I found, and learned, went far beyond my expectations. I had to discard my preconceived understanding of coaching completely. Coaching is not giving advice. Coaching helps clients to overcome inner blocks they might not have been aware of.  In addition, performance coaching provides a highly systematic approach to achieve upon the objectives the clients identify throughout the coaching process.

I was so  fascinated by the concept that I signed up for a professional certification program. The hands-on experiences I made throughout  that time have even exceeded my initial high expectations and have finally led to the decision to devote my future professional life to coaching.

Why I work with IT Project Professionals

Simply speaking, I am following what I am passionate about.  I have always  been driven by the big picture, I love change, I am highly result orientated and I enjoy all the interpersonal relations with the many stakeholders.  These are all the values I share with many project managers which allow me to easily engage with my clients. Simply put, I speak their language, I see their issues and I feel their pain.

How I Assure Best Practice Coaching

I am a certified professional coach holding the Accredited Certificate in Coach Training (ACCT), a credential awarded by the  Association for Coaching.  „The AC is a leading independent, not-for- profit, professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising awareness and standards of coaching worldwide.“  The purpose of the AC is „to inspire and champion
coaching excellence, to advance the coaching profession and make a sustainable difference to individuals, organizations and society.“ I have become a member of the AC and I am looking forward to making a sustainable difference to my clients and ultimately to the organisations they serve.

Rainer Bach, June 2018

Is This You?

Your background

  • A career-minded project manager
  • Serving huge organizations
  • A contractor or fulltime-employee
  • Unique cultural background
  • Likely certified  project professional
  • Mastering PM tools and techniques

Your challenges

  • Leading huge cross-functional teams
  • Having no disciplinary authority
  • Interactions with many stakeholders
  • Multi cultural teams
  • Error prone delivery processes
  • Project management processes less mature

The effect on you

  • Feelings of not being in control
  • Increased pressure and stress
  • Fear of failure
  • Feelings of being stuck
  • Waning self-confidence
  • Gloomy career prospects

Active Practice

Active practice, or interactive performance training, is part of the course that we offer uniquely and is for project managers who want to engage more effectively with stakeholders in cross-functional organizations. The concept is based on case studies of real world scenarios that PMs face throughout all organisations globally, but also tailored to your own personal experiences. The real case studies use an industry-established training method of forum theatre and involves the use of experienced, business-trained actors, who can help to create realistic situations and provide objective feedback on your interactions. Each scenario will be broadly and deeply analysed on the potential best approach among all attendees and the mentors and, hopefully, equip you with the required tools for more successful project leadership. A personal feedback with a certified coach on possibilities and ways how to best advance from there rounds up the two day’s engaging performance workshop

Performance Coaching

The one-on-one coaching is best suited for those project managers who belief that their current performance blocks their progress and feel that a change in career gear is overdue. They are willing to take an objective look at their current professional situation and are open enough to allow for their current beliefs and habits to be challenged and ultimately changed. They are looking for a trustworthy and effective coach who guides them in a step-by-step approach towards personal and professional growth.

Our coaching provides a unique opportunity to create awareness on the behavioural patterns that to date, have hindered their personal development. It will create clarity on the gaps between the current performance status and the envisioned performance targets. It will deliver a step-by-step action plan and the tools and techniques to assure the agreed upon course of action will consistently be followed through.

The Team

“Brian’s and my path through life crossed in the city of Prague. Though we have come from different countries and backgrounds, our commonalities like a strong drive for change and a passion for what we are doing on one hand and our complementary business coaching experience on the other, make us a perfect match. With hindsight, the saying comes to mind, that “we don’t meet people by accident, the people are meant to cross our path for a reason” and – it will serve YOU. ” Rainer

Rainer Bach<br />
Performance Coach And Founder
Rainer Bach
Performance Coach and Founder

Rainer is a certified coach (AC) and senior consultant. He brings with him 25 years of experience working with global IT organizations and as a freelancing transformation project manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

Brian Stewart<br />
Active Practice Lead
Brian Stewart
Active Practice Lead

Brian is a coach, facilitator and actor. He has been engaged in business training for dozens of multinational corporations after a long scientific career in the pharma industry.
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Khaled Farid, Dipl.-Ing. FH, MBA:

...Rainer Bach as experienced Coach with many years of Project Management experience has proven to be an effective aid to reaching the security strategy programme and project goals…
Guclu Borhan, IT Manager:

...Rainer’s transparency in communications, his commitment and solid technical experience melded with managerial skills, were key factors to win quickly the project team members’ approval, even in multicultural environments…
Andy Milborrow, Account Executive:

...Rainer’s effective management of all issues and his ability to manage and align the numerous internal and external stakeholders required to deliver this complex project successfully were critical success factors…
Martin Roskelly, Lead Enterprise Security Architect:

...I experienced the calm yet tenacious drive that Rainer has. He has the ability to inspire even in the most trying situations, giving sage advice and motivation to all members of the team…
Anna Ravvin, IT Program Manager:

...Rainer was a great resource to the program leadership in his insightful and constructive feedback that trickled to all the regions and positively impacted our methods of work within the program…
Sylvain Bernolle, Managing Director:

...Rainer's feedbacks from both our teams where he acted as a trusted coach and our clients as a professional senior project manager
are outstanding…

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