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Quarantined? Things to know.
Twisting the Hellmouth is a fan fiction archive of over 20,000 Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel crossover stories. TtH hosts all genres of cross over fanfic as well as non-crossover stories from both BtVS and other fandoms by writers who archive their cross-over fan fiction here. See the site rules for details.

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Twisting the Hellmouth - Latest News

Rule 9 is the Plagiarism Rule, for those who aren't aware of it.

But, it also has another Feature. It's the rule that covers the situation where you, an author on our site, are posting someone else's story on Twisting the Hellmouth.

Yes, we allow that, as long as -

1. You have that author's permission
2. You create a separate account for them (Rule 9 lists the requirements for that "managed" author account.)
3. They/you still have to follow the other rules for an author.

See Rule 9 for more details.

Apparently, we haven't been enforcing this as well as we should (and making y'all aware of this little used rule) and a few stories have slipped thru.

But no longer.

If you have posted someone else's story in YOUR account, Rule 9 definitely applies.

Unfortunately we do not have an easy way to move stories between author accounts without losing the attached reviews or recommendations. (Not even for the Mods)

Until we do, we are not asking you to move those older stories yourself, if they've been on the site for long enough to get reviews/hits. (Unless you don't mind losing those reviews? No, I didn't think so.)

But from this point forward, any stories violating this rule will be quarantined until the problem has been corrected in compliance with Rule 9.

Once we have a foolproof method to move stories between authors we'll work with authors to bring them into compliance with Rule 9.


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This is just a friendly reminder that the August Fic-A-Day Challenge will be upon us soon.

The challenge is hosted on LiveJournal at the TwistedShorts Community which is an affiliate of TtH. A LiveJournal account is required to participate in the challenge and we welcome all new members/participants.

Rules can be found via the comment link below.
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Sunday morning, July 15, 2018 between 7AM to 8AM Eastern (11:00-1200 UTC) Twisting the Hellmouth (both the main site and forums) was briefly unavailable due to network changes at our hosting site.

See the forum topic FYI: IP Address change planned for July 15, 2018 for details.

Posted 13 Jul 18 • (Moderator)acs • 425-609-4090
In celebration of spring, we have a new site challenge.

Over the next two months, ending right before the start of summer, the challenge is to pick an unanswered existing challenge and answer it.
Posted 24 Apr 18 • (Moderator)acs • hydrocyst
This month's challenge is for all of the leprechaun lovers out there.

(437) 775-7763

Join the fun! Find that pot of fiction gold!
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Join us in celebrating the holidays with our Christmas Challenge

Ghosts of Christmas Past
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Just a reminder to those who have stories in Quarantine --

The notice that you get if your story has been put in quarantine explains why and how to fix it.

(And you SHOULD get a message. If not you need to check your email/spam folder. Of course, if your email address in your profile is not valid, you aren't going to get anything from the site and we can't guess where to send it.)

The Mods always give a reason for quarantining a story. It isn't random.

Breaking the Site Rules - will likely lead to quarantine.

The top 3 reasons?

Rule 10: No disclaimer. (Or in the wrong place. Every story, no exception. Disclaimers? Aren't optional.

Rule 8: Crossover quota. We're a Buffy crossover site and as such our rules encourage the posting of Buffy crossovers. While there are exceptions, they ARE exceptions to the rule, not the expected norm.

Rule 17: Bad grammar & spelling (so bad it makes a story unreadable), etc.


Rule 13: Summary or title not being a summary or title (or non-summary verbiage in the summary.)

Note: For actual Official Rule wordage - go to the Rules Page.

And if you want your story out of quarantine in a reasonable amount of time (hours/days instead of weeks), you must notify the Mods that/when you've fixed the problems. We don't sit there refreshing your story page waiting for you to fix story problems. Sorry.

This message brought to you
Friendly Site Mods
Posted 1 Nov 17 • Smalcaldian

A challenge from organicmagic

Sophia Esteed (from Star Ocean: Till the end of time) manages to use her Connection gene to go into 4D Space, where she convices Blair to let her go into a different version of the Eternal Sphere - a version which will take her to Sunnydale during the BtVS Run.

Basically, I just want to see Sophia as the main character, but if you want to bring in any of the others from SOIII - free free to (just please bear in mind that I hate Maria and would prefer to not see her in it).

I would very much like to see a pairing of Dawn/Sophia, as they have a lot in common, being those that c...
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9712445241 recommends

While in Rome, Buffy finds herself being followed. (A Da Vinci Code xover)
Xander is a full fledged Watcher, with all the pros and cons that go with the position.
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Sequel to "Special Agent Harris, NCIS." Alexander Harris is a member of Team Gibbs, but once a Scooby, always a Scooby. Can he really keep his two lives separate? Set in Season 2 of NCIS; no pairings yet; AU from BtVS after S3/5.
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