Authenticity. Growth. Adventure

Hi I’m Daizy.

My curiosity about the world has led me to travel alone to Tanzania where I co-founded Zana Consulting, Thailand where I helped asylum seekers and refugees, India where I successfully avoided an arranged marriage and recently across South America where I just had fun couch surfing across the continent.

As a Director of a publicly listed company, Founder of Social Enterprise Collective (SeCo) and manager of an entrepreneurship program at one of Melbourne’s coolest universities, I’m passionate about making the world a better place. I occasionally guest lecture in entrepreneurship, gender equality, talk about leadership, marketing and youth engagement.

I was honoured to be named Boroondara Young Citizen of the Year in 2015 and have advocated for gender equality through Pink Ladoo. In my spare time I like practicing Spanish, pumping Punjabi tunes and watering my indoor pot plants.

I’m currently working on publishing Quarter Life Crisis, a book which shares my story of being a confused yet curious 19 year old who spontaneously ended up in the Himalayas for a month, stories of growing up with ethnic parents and navigating the complexities of life as a rebellious brown girl.