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Product Marketing

Value Proposition = the intersection where a consumer’s needs meet your product’s, or service’s, benefits.  Learn how to effectively position your product by attending a Workshop or scheduling a Consultation.

Social Marketing

Learn how to integrate social media, email, and direct mail into a multi-channel marketing plan for your upcoming product launch.  Attend a Workshop or schedule a Consultation now.

Process Management

Every plan needs well-defined processes to efficiently and effectively maximize product value, reduce waste, and increase sales.  Learn how to build processes to reduce costs, streamline your supply chain, and ultimately increase your bottom line.  Attend a Workshop or schedule a Consultation now.

Our Approach

Incremental Learning

Our workshops are created to help Do It Yourself business owners assess, at their own pace, their current marketing plan, design a multi-channel marketing strategy, and integrate different marketing channels to reach their target audience.


On-Demand Coaching

We understand you are busy running your business. We work with you on demand to provide an objective analysis of your target market approach, marketing penetration and process, sales and conversion efficiently, and much more.