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The triumvirate of Consulting, Technology and Development of unique Programs enable the creation of multifaceted solutions within the environment of the Company.
If a change can be made which creates less expense, more efficiency, or better product differentiation, Taylor Mims will seek to identify and implement it.

Consultancy Group

Taylor Mims has an experienced team of business professionals that have worked with many different types of businesses on a worldwide basis. The team has worked with both small companies and very large Fortune 500 companies and strives to assist its clients regardless of size.


Taylor Mims has an in-house Information Technology (IT) Group with the ability to develop customized software, create and modify any size and scope of database, and modify existing software for higher productivity and uniformity throughout the client organization.

Program Development

Taylor Mims has the expertise, talent and expertise to work with our clients to create new programs and set specific goals for the client and certain other third party providers they may be using and the elimination, replacement or partial replacement of third party providers. Taylor Mims works with the client to set specific goals and determine how these goals will be met. We focus on creating increased cash flow and more bottom line profit for the client. and additional bottom line profit to the client. This is accomplished by the Taylor Mims team creating product differentiation, profit centers that have not existed, reduction of overhead and other expenses and working with other departments within Taylor Mims such as the IT department to develop custom software which reduces fraud, overhead and increases productivity.