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InstaForex has been providing Forex trading services since 2007. At the beginning InstaForex management board has set a course for offering only high-grade products and held it.
Now <a href=”/www.instaforex.com/instawallet_system.php/”>InstaForex</a> customers enjoy the latest trading technologies and innovative products provided by the broker. Recently InstaForex presented a new service, the InstaWallet system, and make it available for all the customers.
The InstaWallet system extends the functionality of every Forex account making the company’s clients able to transfer funds to other InstaForex clients.
The unique InstaWallet system has a lot of advantages:
· A trader can transfer money to the accounts of his friends and relatives. Using InstaWallet, a client does not have to wait as all the requests are processed automatically.
· All transactions within the InstaWallet system are free of charge. There are no hidden commissions.
· Registration with the system takes less than a minute. A client accepts the terms and conditions of the system use, enters his nickname and registers with the system.
· High security level. All the information on InstaForex servers is confidential. The data is encoded and regularly checked by the company s specialists manually.
· User-friendly interface of Client Cabinet. Its interface is intuitive and robust.
· Anonymity. All users who make instant transfers within the InstaWallet system can stay anonymous.
· Direct interaction of  InstaForex accounts . All InstaForex customers registered with the InstaWallet system have an opportunity to transfer money between their own accounts or to the accounts of other customers.
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Blog.instaforex.com is a corporate blog which author is the whole team of InstaForex Companies Group.

Here for you will be opened the world hidden beyond InstaForex doors, you can look through the company’s work through the eyes of people who assist your accounts 24 hours daily.
On the website of InstaForex Company (902) 628-0705 you will find a great massive of information related to the international broker activity, as well as useful data concerning the work on Forex market. On the blog for traders website of InstaForex you are offered to see the “Interview” of different contests participants, “Events” where InstaForex Company took place, the section “Trailers” will tell you about campaigns and surprises prepared for you by the international broker InstaForex. In the sections “Aid for Beginner”, “World Economy”, “Trading” and “Finance” the most topical themes are considered, such as “Influence of the Central bank interest rates on Forex market”, “Trading tactics”, “How to project a trading system”. What is more, you can always abstract from the market activity in the “Humor” section. Here funny stories about the work on Forex market are published, anecdotes and caricatures devoted to the most relevant events happening in the Forex society.
We definitely have something to say and hope that this information will ease your path full of turns and twists in the financial field.

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Success of a trader on Forex market directly depends on whether he uses the advanced software.

Today software corporations offer the huge range of various programs to work with on the exchange market. A trader should analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of the programs and follow the updates on the forex software. The simplest thing to choose is a broker and the most difficult one is Expert Advisor – the fully automatic trading programs. Most advisors are provided for free or for a small amount of money.
Forex programs are the powerful instruments possessed by a trader. It seems impossible to trade on Forex market without using a special program. The more efficient the program is, the more successful a trader is, and the more money he earns.
Nowadays, many brokers offer their clients forex programs developed by the companies’ specialists. Often a trader has some difficulties choosing the appropriate program which has the intuitive interface and fits the style of a trader’s work on Forex market.
There are several types of forex programs:
Trading platforms which based upon the forex charts and forex diagrams. Usage of such trading software allows traders to see the current price of an instrument and the history of price movements on the currencies following trends’ development and keeping abreast of the market changes.
Fully automatic programs. After implementation of this program type the trading process becomes fully automatic and carries out without trader’s impact. However, a trader is able to interfere in the trading process at any time.
The system of trading signals. Applying such kind of programs a trader chooses the indicators which best fit his trading demands. These indicators are based on the system of trading signals. The trading signals help a trader to define which trend prevails on the market and if it is worth entering the market or it is better to exit.
Very important aspect of choosing a trading program is determination of the main program characteristics. What a trader should pay attention to is security, availability of technical support and regular updating of the program. Please note that the program should have such function as copying, saving and storage of the copies.
If a trader succeeded to choose the appropriate trading software which fit all his needs it would make his work on Forex market much easier. In order to be sure in the choice a trader should test the trading program on demo account and only after obtaining the positive results start trading on Forex.

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Forex traders often use such strategy as trading a broken trendline.

This strategy was developed long time ago and demonstrated good results. It is usually used by traders who adhere to the conservative views on trading process.
The essence of this strategy of trading with forex broker we will describe below. Let’s suppose that a price is moving within a narrow range for a long time, for example, from 1.30 to 1.27. As soon as the price reaches a certain level, it reverses. Reaching another level it reverses again. This situation can long for some time.
However, there comes a moment when the price breaks the border and moves upward or downward. If the price moves down, the next level it will stop at is 1.24. If the price moves up, it will likely stop at 1.33. These calculations are not random, because it was noticed that such breakdown allows the price to move the distance equaling to the size of the corridor which was broken. The price range of our example amounts to 300 points.
So how can a trader earn from this breakdown? The trading a broken trendlines strategy is applied here. In our example a puncture of 1.27 and 1.30 price levels is important for us. A trader can maintain his/her strategy in two ways. The first one is to set a buy pending order at the price a smidgeon lower than 1.27 or a little higher than 1.30. The second regards that a trader works on-line and opens a deal as soon as the price breaks one of the levels down.
Both variants have their pros and cons. For example, when you set up an order, you can face a failed break and the price will move to the opposite direction. Being not in front of the screen and missing this moment can cause serious losses. Trading on forex on-line allows a trader to control the situation but if there is a strong and quick breakthrough the trader can miss it or to content with a few pips.
Trader should decide himself on how to use the trading a broken trendline strategy.

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Are you engaged in trading on Forex? Feel tired and long for a break? Then mt5.com forex forum is exactly what you need! On this forex forum you can enjoy discussing various topics, including those related to Forex. You can find plenty of jokes and funny stories about traders, caricatures of forex brokers and unleashed forex off-topic discussions.
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Enjoy communication, bring your friends and get presents from MT5.com portal and InstaForex Company!

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Systematic trading is a strategy that implies following a certain set of rules when opening and closing positions.

The rules are based on various types of analysis, concepts and approaches.

1.Computerized forex trading.
Any strategy can be programmed and managed by the computer. Some traders consider it to be the only form of systematic trading. Yet, this approach lacks objectivity and effectiveness.
- Decisions are made by the computer, thus no emotional or psychological involvement is required.
- This strategy can be easily tested on historical data.
- In order to assess the reliability of the system, you can apply a set of rules to any trading instrument.
- Correctness of conducting operations must be always controlled.
- As the market constantly changes, one should always monitor and check the parameters, otherwise the system will not function.
- Automated trading system may well contribute to trader’s confidence due to improper monitoring of the system. It can result in rather tangible losses unless measures are timely undertaken.

2.Mechanical forex trading.
This section of the rules implies totally mechanical trading, every question is settled with yes/no answers. It is not sufficient to make a proper decision.
- Psychological and emotional factors are rather influential due to composite decisions.
- Some elements of the trading system can be tested on historical market data.
- A wide range of rules makes this system possible to apply to a great number of instruments.
- It is necessary to use many entry parameters, often uncoded.
- Data must be always carefully monitored; otherwise the system will fail to function.
- Unless you employ a subjective approach, it may be difficult to notice mechanical decisions of composite systems.

3.Hybrid mechanical trading based on rules.
- Some elements of this system can be tested.
- As there is no need to code all the parameters, the trader can use more entry parameters.
- Flexible tactics is possible that meets subjective criteria which are not only composite.
There is a need to monitor the system parameters all the time, since the market always changes.
As soon as you start ponder over the trading system, there is a necessity to control your emotions and psychological factors.
This category of systematic trading represents a certain combination of rules that require decisions made personally by the trader. This is one of the most widely used strategies.

4.Non-mechanical trading.
This type of trading implies strict observing the rules which are not mechanical.
- No need to code parameters.
- If you are an experienced trader you can conduct flexible tactics, working with forex signals satisfying the subjective criteria.
- Experienced traders can employ their skills to identify dots.
- A need to control your emotions and mood.
- This type of trading is nearly impossible to copy.
- Elaborating your own trading style takes much time.
A crucial aspect for each forex trader is choosing a trading style that would suit him/her best and meet all his/her requirements.

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InstaForex Company has been always striving to maintain the top-of-the-line service for its clients.

Today InstaForex Company has thousands of clients with different skills level in the field of trading on the international currency market Forex. InstaForex Company offers its clients to complete a training course “Professional Trading on Forex Market” for beginners who have just started operating on currency market, but also for traders having experience in this kind of activity.
“Professional Trading on Forex Market” is based on the principle of complex education, i.e. it consists of two parts: theory and practice. The forex education course includes 8 lectures during 2 weeks. In the first week the basic theoretical part is given where the most essential elements are considered related to trading. Then, having practice with the help of your lecturer you solidify the obtained knowledge and work out your own trading strategy. In such a way, at each session some part of time will be devoted to practical work starting from the first day of study.
In follow-up of the completed course “Professional Trading on Forex Market” every educatee gets necessary skills, instruments and practice allowing to earn money from the first day of independent activity on Forex market.
“Professional Trading on Forex Market” training package implies imperativeness divided into 6 sections: Introductory Lecture; Technical Analysis; Computer Analysis. Indicators; Fundamental Analysis; Capital Management, Trader’s Psychology.
If you have made it your mission – to become absolutely free, independent and advantaged person, then this course is meant special for you. This education program entirely suits for people coming across the stock trading for the first time, as well as for people having some experience in Internet trading and wishing to have a professional education.
In order to enroll for the “Professional Trading on Forex Market” course from InstaForex Company you have to fill in the form on the official company’s website InstaForex.com or contact us by phone.

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When a currency rate is following a bullish trend, it demonstrates ups and downs, but each new rise ends higher and each new low is not so deep. This indicates prevailing uptrend.

As any trend, it is to be broken sooner or later; further it will be noticeable that the breakthrough took place after one of such rises, followed by a reversal downwards. A rollback took place if the price graph had reversed down after a rise. If the rollback resulted in the break of the trend, the market made a significant move downwards and a trader did not open a position in time – there is nothing he/she can do.
However, it is quite difficult to follow the rule of opening positions only along the trend. When a trend is clearly seen on the market, it should be obvious that a rollback is round the corner. A good trend implies a good rollback. Thus, both opening positions along the trend and against it provide considerable chances of a loss.
Price graph as such is a lagging trend indicator. This can be clearly noticed on intraday graphs. However, there is no such indicator that would define beforehand, if the movement is a rollback or a correction of the major trend. Instead of such indicator, we could try and find an index that can notify about the break of a trend with high probability.
This is what oscillators are meant for. During a continuous unidirectional trend in a horizontal corridor an oscillator actively switches from overbought to oversold and back. Such potential is typical for the most popular indicators RSI and Stochastic.
Indicators MACD and MA are good at defining formed trends, but they notify about its change with a slight delay, since they use averaging based on long time intervals.
Most traders try to create their own indices by combining several indicators; though, the results are much worse than ones of indicators used separately, since this combination waters down individual characteristics and defines the trend less effectively than each separate indicator does.
The idea of forex market sentiment index is based on the same approach as description of business cycles, where various indices are used to predict future economic development. Among these indices there are ones relying not on the price change or the volume, but on participants’ opinion poll. As it has turned out, such poll indices might correlate pretty much with real dynamics of the economy and can be used for developing a future scenario.
One of the major principles of technical analysis states that the price is influenced by everything. Therefore, all the required information about the sentiment of the

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Employing technical analysis in trading on the market has its peculiarities.

A usual deposit enables the trader to work during day time only.
According to day-time charts analysis, after closing a position the trader should be ready to wait 2-3 figures pullback. This is a natural way of operating on the forex market for intraday traders. Yet most traders find it possible that they could lose several hundreds of pips, since it is comparable to trading with no protective orders equal to self-destruction on the market.
1-hour graphs provide indicators that can serve the trader as hints on what levels it is better to set stop-orders. However, the very behaviour of 1-hour graphs will not facilitate trading at all: the ratio between price fluctuations and size of the trend movement conditions the fact that the market tends to move sideways. The charts often show so-called reversal points, not all of them signal a new trend though. Such points mean that the trend has been fully fledged and is approaching its turning point. Any attempt to get along with the trend results thus in stop-order being triggered.
You will find plenty of publications on technical analysis in forex literature, describing numerous approaches to plotting trading systems and their analyzing. But almost all the authors test their effectiveness on intraday graphs. Attempts to apply the same approaches to 1-hour graphs fail. Even though principles of technical analysis are consistent, it is impossible to apply day-time graphs methods for intraday trading.
One of the basic principles of conducting trades is catching a strategic point not by admitting a possible large-scale pullback, but rather by timely opening an intraday position on a 1-hour chart. 200-300 pips are not regarded as a pullback in the context of intraday trading. Furthermore, the trader, planning to keep a strategic position for several weeks, should set as well a 50-60 pips order.
But the problem here is that it is unpredictable which position will become strategic, therefore traders tend to fixate profit after each movement. On a 1-hour graph a trader can find enough benchmarks to know when to stop. In most cases further events support this decision. But sometimes a trader closes the position to see the market moving in the same direction. Usually any attempts to catch up with the market are usually unsuccessful.
The question is whether we have anything to fill the gap between strategic trading on day-time graphs and short positions in intraday trading.

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PAMM accounts are specifically designed for Managing Traders to be able to control their own and Investor’s capital.

Meanwhile funds are not transferred to the Managing Trader’s account. The managed account belongs to the Investor, and the Managing Trader carries out all trading operations without obtaining the right to withdraw funds.
PAMM accounts by InstaForex Company are means of collective investment in projects rendering investment services. Each InstaForex Company client can accept investments from other forex traders or invest in someone else’s account and own a share of this account.
PAMM system by InstaForex allows its participants to have all operations, interests and profits controlled and calculated automatically. The number of investments in Forex, their volume and the number of investors are unlimited for a Managing Trader’s single account. The amount of invested funds is not restricted and can vary from one dollar to hundreds depending on the Investor’s required share in the account.
The system of PAMM accounts by InstaForex includes two groups of clients: Investors and Managing Traders.
PAMM system by InstaForex Company is a safe way of investing funds in other traders without any limitations.