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Focused on Quality

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Focused on Quality
Building your own website

The primary goal of this website is to show you how to build your own modern responsive website. With that said, if your goal is to have a modern responsive website without spending all of last years profits. Check out owning a website without breaking the bank.

Owning a website, without breaking the bank.

We will build you a website based on the size of your business and what you can afford. Think about it. Do you need a $1500-$2500 website? No, In most cases all you need is 3-4 pages to advertise your business and generate leads and that shouldn't cost more then $100.

SEO and Marketing

People in the business would have you believe that SEO and Marketing is some grand complicated process. In the past, it may well have been. For large corporation, it still is. For small business owners, it isn't and doesn't require a monthly marketing budget. I will show you how to market you small business with mostly free services.

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Who we are.

In most cases, just like you.

We is actually me. I am a one man operation, working from home. Over the years, I have went from building websites with Frontpage to using WordPress. I have always believed that building a simple website for home based and small businesses shouldn’t be complicated or expensive.  In the past, websites had to be hand coded and even if minor changes needed to be made, it was a time consuming process.  The solution is WordPress. I have been working with this content management system for 5 years.

It has leveled the playing field, so everyone can play or if you don’t want to play, you can at least afford the price of the ticket to watch in person.


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