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Onzsale is ahead to the future of e-commerceheralding a combination mobile commerce, social media and entertainments.

With live streaming e-commerce seller will gain 3 times more engagement than still images and pre-recorded video. People more interested to buy from a brand after watching the live streaming.

Live streaming is the hottest wat to sell product to consumer.

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Brand Transparency and Authenticity

Live streams are perceived as more authentic and personable. Live video to be more appealing to brand audiences, with 80% stating they would rather watch live video from a brand.

Interactive Intimate Connection

Viewers are able to interact and connect with the brand by providing instant feedback. This strengths the bond between brand and audience, no other medium currently can.

High Trust
With Better ROI

Live video ads have similar features to video ads coupled with building an authentic connection with their targeted audiences. More than 50% of marketing professionals said they have seen the best ROI from live video than any other social media platform. When audience feel more intimately towards a brand, they have the tendency to convert at a higher rate and live video compels them to do just that.

Your Business Live With Limitless Depth

Easily merchandise and sell products in-stream. Generate revenue via PPV, subscription, or contributions. The unified marketplace benefiting both brands and influencers. Build your own live interactive multi-channel network. Customized and embedded into your business. Purpose built for audience engagement and sales conversions.

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